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Individual Counseling

Life is a team effort!

We are relationship oriented by nature, but developing the community that nurtures us is harder than ever. In today's society, letting others know when we're in pain is too often interpreted as a sign of crisis instead of an opportunity for connection. Work stress has become the industry expectation and heart attacks have become a byproduct of a job well done. With such ecological stressors, it should come as no surprise that our dissatisfaction can become a constant weight. The desire for a significant other to rescue us becomes too great a burden for anyone to fulfill, as even the relationships we value quickly seem to be too much to carry, or not enough to hold us up.

Depression, anxiety, the pain of circumstance are all swallowed with pride in our society, but they are not always the demons they are made out to be. Vulnerabilities make us human, connect us together, and, when we outgrow the cages of our suffering, these vulnerabilities become the depths from which we cultivate genuine healthy love, personal strength, and resilience together. Our greatest joys are not found in the brief sunlight we are afforded at the end of another bad day, but in the richness of living into our values and potential with the ones we love. Through good times and tough times, we can learn to cultivate the environment that nurtures us. Together we can thrive. 

​Counseling is an investment in ourselves, and a safe space to express our vulnerabilities, examine our relationships, and explore who we are in the process of becoming. Change starts with investing in who you want to be.
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I can help with...

Anxiety / Panic Attacks / Mindfulness / Relationship Strain / Codependency / Stress / Hopelessness / Fears & Desires / 

Sadness / Depression / Isolation / Dissatisfaction / Loneliness / Lack of Motivation / Suicidal Thoughts /

Trauma / Grief / Seperation / PTSD / Bipolar Disorder /

Family of Origin Healing / Reclaiming Passion & Curiosity

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Gender Identity / Exploring Sexuality / LGBTQ issues / Growth & Development / 

Career Growth / Emotional Intelligence / Relationship Communication, Love, & Intimacy

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