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Guided Meditation

Ground & Center

You don't have to go far to find the value of hard work and efficiency in our culture. With this product oriented mindset influencing the way we think, we can quickly find ourselves out of balance with our own nature. We often treat our body like a machine, getting frustrated when it doesn't work the way we want it to, and ignoring the feedback it could give us if we could simply hone our skills of being with ourselves, our experience, and our powers of mindful attention.

Our body has the extraordinary ability to heal itself when it is sick, and our mind has the ability to retool itself to cope with new challenges and find joy wherever life takes us. When our mind gets away from us, following it into the pathways of overthinking can further diminish our skills of coping. Instead, focusing ourselves on our breath, on the present moment, and our experience of attention can develop our powers of mindfulness, and give us insight into the healing balance of working with our body's natural abilities and our minds expansive potential.

Meditation can be challenging. Sitting still while the mind storms is a skill set that can be strengthened over time. I can provide the space and guidance for in-session individual or couples meditations, and resources for developing your own practice at home. 

Meditation by the sea

I can help with...


Coping skills & Trusting Yourself

Focus, Mindfulness, & Peacefulness

Loving-Kindness & Self Compassion

Being Present & Thoughtful 

Healing the Mind-Body Relationship

Cultivating Your Wisdom & Intuition

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