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Couples Counseling

Improving Communication

The love, romance, and intimacy you experienced when you began your relationship may have come with ease, but as the challenge of two people living their lives together sets in, you may wonder if it's normal for two people in love to irritate each other so much, or if you can ever get your relationship back to that state of ease.


Love, romance, and intimacy can age like a fine wine to a more mature and balanced vintage. The struggle of finding your unique balance as a couple, while continuing to grow as individuals and meet each other's needs in the relationship, is a normal and challenging process in creating a lasting commitment. Bickering can quickly escalate, communication can break down, and intimacy can fade into the background. Love is not enough to forever keep resentment at bay.

Learning the tools to amplify the positive aspects of your relationship and understand your partner on a deeper level in couples counseling is an investment that can improve your relationship, improve your quality of life, and can give you new strength to take on all of life's opportunities. It is in our relationships that we learn to be stronger in our independence, and it is in our differences that we learn to bond closer together. 

Deepening Intimacy

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