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Authentic Relationship Counseling

for Individuals & Couples

Healing in Connection

Anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges are signs of unmet needs hoping for change. We can push forward alone, but we are stronger together. It's in the security of loving curiosity, emotional awareness, and clear communication that we find the strength to dream big.  


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The Right Way is what works for You!


We each develop our own style to love and hide. At times we get stuck. Fear holds us back from challenging ourselves and our relationships. I help clients deepen awareness and improve intimacy with those significant in their lives. With safe communication and emotional intimacy, we find the freedom to be our authentic self and inspire those we love to grow. 


"I can fully recommend Brendan as a wonderful, talented and caring therapist. I have known him for 5 years and have worked with him in a variety of situations. He invests himself in every client without hesitation. If you are searching for an intelligent, dedicated therapist, Brendan should be your choice."

Viki Bates, LPC


My office has moved. I'm now available at:

​4413 Spicewood Springs rd. Ste 203, Austin, TX 78759

(512) 900-1833

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